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2018 Mary Cornelius

The power of religion: individual experience and institutional expression in Grenadian colonial society, 1763-1838

2017 Kimberley Thomas

“A sea of islands”: (re)situating the salt islands of the British Caribbean, 1680-1850

2016 Jack Webb

The spectre of Haiti in the British imagination, 1791–2007

2016 Eve Hayes de la Kalaf

Making foreign nationals: denationalisation, birthright citizenship and the contours of belonging in the contemporary Dominican Republic

2015 Melissa Bennett

Picturing the West India Regiments in an age of unrest, civil war and tourism, 1850-1914

2014 Jeanette Ehrmann

Enlightenment and state of exception: the Haitian revolution as an event and a critique of European modernity

2014 Antony Stewart

Tracking foreign intervention through medicine and social science in Haiti, 1900-1950

2012 Keira Quinn

Science, non-governmental organisations and disaster risk reduction: knowledge in social context

2010 Molly Crossthwaite

Marine archaeology of Anguilla

2010 Steven C. Wilson

The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States: explaining democratic stability and regional integration

2009 Mark Tumbridge

Indenture Wreathed in Opium: Asian presence in the Caribbean – literary representations of Indo-Caribbean and Sino-Caribbean subjects from the nineteenth century to the present

Subsequent publication

PhD thesis, The David Nicholls Doctoral Scholarship, University of Warwick

2009 Chloé Newcomb Hodgetts

The chemical ecology of Arrow crabs and coral reef heath in Jamaica

2009 Thérèse Yarde

Nature-society relations in Dominica: assessing the natural heritage trail

2008 Karst de Jong

The Irish military presence in Jamaica during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

2007 Nadine Hunt

The Caribbean trade of Jamaica: the consolidation of Atlantic networks, 1756-1807

Subsequent publication (link)

Hunt, N. ‘Remembering Africans in diaspora: Robert Wedderburn’s ‘Freedom Narrative”. In Olatunji, O. and N. Hunt (eds) (2012) Slavery in Africa and the Caribbean: a history of enslavement and identity since the 18th century. London: I.B. Tauris, 179-198

2006 Christina Violeta Jones

Revolution and reaction: Santo Domingo during the Haitian revolution and beyond, 1791-1844

2006 Alejandro E. Gómez

The affective and ideological impact of the Haitian Revolution beyond independence

Subsequent publication

Gómez, A. E. (2006) El síndrome de Saint-Domingue: percepciones y sensibilidades de la Revolución Haitiana en el Gran Caribe (1791-1814) Caravelle 86 : 125-155

2005 Dwight Mckenzie

An analysis of the public sector reform and modernisation programme in Jamaica

2004 Denise Challenger

Freedom, race and sexuality: the control of the female body and sexuality in nineteenth century Barbados

2003 Ruth Minott Egglestone

Development of the national pantomime tradition in Jamaica